Bear Awareness

BearsJoin one of our interpretive guides as they share their knowledge about the life cycle of Whistler’s bears. On this tour we will walk along the edge of the Whistler wetland to a winter bear denning site. We will also explore some of the areas that bears frequent in their search for food. You will learn what to do when you encounter a bear and how Whistler is working toward reducing bear-human conflicts.

The community of Whistler is home to a large population of black bears. Whistler bears range freely through the entire valley. It is very common to see bears here, especially in the spring when large numbers of bears are in the valley bottom searching for food.

Come and join us to learn about Whistler's most famous residents!

Tour Times: 7:00am, 6:00pm
Tour length: 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy
Private Guided Tour Cost: $199.99 Adults, $139.99 Children (12 and under)
Guided Tour Cost: $149.99 Adults, $104.99 Children (12 and under)

*Have your own Exclusive Adventure Guide with the Private Guided Tour (minimum of two people required) or join a group for the Guided Tour.

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